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Alpha’s facility is certified 'Conflict-Free' in EICC/GeSI Audit

Alpha’s commitment to the ‘Conflict-Minerals' Initiative is confirmed by certification of Altoona, PA, facility by EICC/GeSI Audit Review Committee. Click below to read more.

ALPHA® SACX Plus® Alloys Create Value

The SACX Plus® family of RoHS-compliant alloys helps optimize the value of your assemblies. They are easy to use, deliver excellent soldering performance and are highly reliable.

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Do you need assistance regarding proper disposal of your solder scrap and dross

Alpha offers a safe, efficient recycling service that can help you meet challenging environmental and legislative requirements for disposal and recycling of solder waste.

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Experience Lower Processing Costs!

The ALPHA® ASPEN App helps electronic assemblers decide if lower cost low temp processing is a good “fit for use” in their process.

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Alpha's E-newsletter Items Deliver Value Creation News

Read about new R&D Driven Alpha products and technologies that will create value for your electronic assembly process.

Solder Preforms in Paste

ALPHA® Exactalloy Tape & Reel Packaged Solder Preforms Create Value!

ALPHA® Preforms provide an easy to Implement method for increasing solder volume. They are specifically targeted for use with solder paste in electronic assembly applications.

The Problem: Produce 1,000,000 parts per day, using 50µm thick die, with no voids and requiring high heat dissipation
Posted on April 14, 2014
by Julien Joguet

The power semiconductor market produces more than 170 billion discrete components a year to exacting standards.  High volume manufacturing (HVM), cost effective process technology is a must to achieve these goals. ALPHA® Argomax® Ag sinter film technology solves The Problem.    By using Argomax® film, you can produce 1,000,000 parts per day with less capital equipment and less factory floor space when compared to existing processes.

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Apr 25 2014

IPC and EIPC 2014 Workshop Roadshow

Alent, Forsyth Road, Sheerwater, Surrey, United Kingdom

May 6-8 2014

SMT Hybrid Packaging 2014

Nuremberg, Germany

May 20-22 2014

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