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ALPHA® OM-340 is a lead-free, no-clean solder paste designed for a broad range of applications. ALPHA® OM-340'S broad processing window is designed to minimize transition concerns from tin/lead to lead free solder paste. This material is engineered to deliver the comparable performance to a tin/lead process.* ALPHA OM-340 yields excellent print capability performance across various board designs and, particularly, with ultra fine feature repeatability (11 mil squares) and high "through-put" applications. Outstanding reflow process window delivers superior soldering on CuOSP with excellent coalescence on a broad range of deposit sizes, excellent random solder ball resistance and mid-chip solder ball performance. ALPHA® OM-340 is formulated to deliver excellent visual joint cosmetics. Additionally, ALPHA® OM-340's capability of IPC Class III for voiding and ROL0 IPC classifications ensures maximum long-term product reliability. *Although the appearance of these lead-free alloys will be different to that of tin-lead, with mechanical reliability equal to or greater than with that of tin-lead or tin-silver.

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Product Documentation
Technical Bulletin
ALPHA® OM-340 Technical Bulletin (ZH-HANS)
ALPHA® OM-340 Technical Bulletin (EN)
Product Guide
ALPHA OM-340 Product Guide
Application Bulletin
AB - Print Parameters - CNP - WWE - Print Parameters 06-03-02 Application Bulletin
AB - Dual Alloy Soldering - WWE - SM1044 10-11-05 Application Bulletin
Reference Bulletin
RB-Solder Paste Handling Guidelines AP-CNP-USE-SM000-1 10-10-14 Reference Bulletin - Chinese
Stencil Terminology Reference Bulletin
Visual Inspection Standards Reference Bulletin
RB-OM-340 dispense paste handling guidelines Reference Bulletin
RB-Solder Paste Handling Guidelines AM-CNP-USE-SM000-1 08-06-27. Reference Bulletin
RB-OM-340 Cleaning CNP WWE SM1054. 11.02.18 Reference Bulletin
Aperture Shapes Reference Bulletin
Technical Paper
Real Time Visualization (SMT Jan 2003) Technical Paper
Small Tapered Apertures (Nepcon 2002) Technical Paper
Printing Tutorial (CSR April 2003) Technical Paper
New Dim In Stencil Print (SMTA 2002) Technical Paper
Print & Profile Fine Feature (APEX 2003) Technical Paper
Solder Paste Qualification Paper Technical Paper
Stencil Design for L-F (SMT2004) Technical Paper
Stencil Printing Basics (A. Johnson) Technical Paper
Analytical Procedures for Portable L-F Alloy Test Data Technical Paper
Low silver BGA Paper Technical Paper
Four Ways to Reduce Voiding in BGACSP Packages To Substrate Connections (SMTA Oct 2010) Technical Paper
TP-Method of Eval ICT Probe Penetrability of Flux Residues (Apex 06)-CNP-WWE--SM000 06-01-02. Technical Paper
A New Angle on Printing Technical Paper
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Alternatives Project Report: State Of The Industry Technical Paper
The Effect Of Filling Via-In-Pad On Voiding Rates In PWB Assembly For BGA Components Technical Paper
Effect of Multiple Reflow Cycles on Solder Joint Formation and Reliability (SMTAI Oct 2010) Technical Paper
A Procedure to Determine Head in Pillow Defect and Analysis of Contributing Factors SMTAI Oct 2010
SPVC-Portable Tests 510-CNP-WWE-SM00 10-08-03 Technical Paper
High Density Fine Feature (APEX 2001) Technical Paper
TP-Method of Eval ICT Probe Penetrability (Apex 06)-CNP-WWE-SM000 06-01-02 Technical Paper
TP-Halogens in Lead Free Solder Paste (SMTA 2009) - WWE SM000-4 10-04-15 Technical Paper
RF Characterization of No Clean Solder Flux Residues Technical Paper
Fine Feature Print (APEX 2003) Technical Paper
RoHS / REACH / Environmental
RoHS ALPHA® OM-340 Solder Paste Innolot Alloy
RoHS ALPHA® OM-340 Solder Paste SAC305
Halogen Content Report
OM-340 Halogen Content Report

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