ALPHA® Bar Vaculoy SAC 305 & 405

Wave Solder Bar

Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 and Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5 are lead-free alloys suitable for use as a replacement for Sn63 alloy. The Sn97Ag3 and Sn96Ag4 variants are used to stabilize / reduce the copper content in the wavesolder bath, this requirement will depend on process conditions. As with all Alpha Metals bar solder, Alpha’s proprietary Vaculoy® alloying process is used to remove certain impurities, particularly oxides.

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Product Documentation
Technical Bulletin
ALPHA® Vaculoy SAC 305 405 Techincal Bulletin (ZH-HANS)
ALPHA® Vaculoy SAC 305 405 Techincal Bulletin (EN)
Reference Bulletin
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Bleigehalt GER
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SACX Wetting versus SAC0307
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Reference Bulletin - Wave Set up to Minimize Dross_CHN
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SACX Test Report Pentagal
Hole Fill - SACX Performance_CHN
Lead-Contamination Advice
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Changing from SAC305 to SACX
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Hole Fill - SACX Performance
RB Lead-Free Solders - Lead Content
Reference Bulletin - Mixing Lead-Free alloys
Reference Bulletin - Mixing Lead-Free alloys_CHN
Reference Bulletin - SACX Anti-Oxidant Additive
RB Stainless Steel Erosion Nov 2005
RB-Changing Wave Solder bath from Sn-Pb to Lead-Free-BAR-WWE
Reference Builletin - SACX Patent and Trademark
Technical Paper
TP-Effect of Voiding in Solder Interconnections LF Technical Subcommittee-Bar-WWE-SM000 05-12-01
TP-Lead-free Wave Solder Alloy Selection Campbell-Boone-Palacio-BAR-WWE-SM000 05-09-01
TP-Development of a L-F Wave Solder Alloy Campbell-Ingham-B
Drop Shock Reliability of Lead Free Alloys - Effect of Micro Additives - ECTC 2007
Effect of silver in common lead-free alloys_paper_Eng042309
RoHS / REACH / Environmental
RoHS ALPHA® Solder Alloy SAC 305
RoHS ALPHA® CVP 380 SAC305 Solder Paste
Press Release
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